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Hot Moves: The Science Of Awesome is a 1 DVD addition to The Master Course that’s all about making single shots and master shots look absolutely awesome.

Where The Master Course focuses on drama and coverage, Hot Moves focuses on a very different angle of how to make single shots look super expensive and sexy for their own sake.

What is fascinating is that the vast majority of truly awesome and trailer-worthy shots come from just a handful of techniques, which we explore in Hot Moves.

Add A Pinch Of Awesome To Your Directing

Hot Moves started as a fascination of why some camera moves end up in the trailer for a film and some don't. What is it that makes a move "Hot"?

The DVD's creator, Per Holmes, pondered this problem for years until he realized that all "Hot" moves basically use a combination of four techniques, Grid Theory, Stacked Moves, Angle On A Path, and Roll. Together, these 4 techniques add thrill and grace to every shot they're used in, and the likelihood that they'll be used in the trailer goes up dramatically.

Hot Moves On Low Budgets Too!

While Hot Moves of course lends itself to very high-budget shooting, the majority of the techniques can be executed even on a very low budget, because it’s the understanding of motion that makes it a hot move, not the equipment you shoot it with.

Check out all the Sample Clips, and read some Testimonials and Reviews to see what everybody is saying.


Box/Download: $49.00 
Rent: $9.99 

14-day money back guarantee.

40% Bundle Discount!


"Hot Moves is pure, distilled, camera magic and like Tinkerbell's fairy dust it will make your shots soar. Just as the label promises, it truly is the 'Science of Awesome'!"

Brad Blackbourn, Previs Supervisor, Batman, Stereo Supervisor, Avatar, Head Of Previs, Dreamworks.

"HOT MOVES is THE most comprehensive way of not only seeing the coolest shots that have been done but understanding HOW they are done. I'd recommend these DVDs to ANY director, anytime."

Ellie Kanner-Zuckerman, Director, Boston Legal, Crazylove, Wake, For the Love Of Money, Casting Director, Friends, Sex & The City

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